Important question for coaches, consultants and healers who are still trying to figure out how to get clients & sign-ups from their emails…

If there was a fast, easy-to-follow method for creating highly compelling, straight-from-the-heart emails that people love to read, engage with and happily buy from without having to push or pressure anyone into a sale, sign up or opt-in…  

Would you finally feel ready to confidently write & send client-generating *electronic love letters* to your email list?

Whether you’ve got 10 or 10,000 people on your list, emails are the grand, omnipotent sage of your business.  

↳ When you have the emails, your webinars and online events fill up with ready-to-learn attendees  

↳ When you have the emails, your online programs are bought by dedicated, grateful buyers  

↳ When you have the emails, you create a community of awesome people who believe in your work, mission and purpose  

↳ When you have the emails, you can host cool weekend “flash sales” whenever you feel like making extra income  

↳ When you have the emails, you build incredible trust with your most qualified readers & become their go-to expert  

↳ When you have the emails, you attract dream clients into your 1-on-1 and group coaching programs  

And perhaps most importantly…  

↳ When you have the emails, you can pass on your wisdom and transformational work to inquisitive, motivated followers who want & need your support even when they live all over the world  

So anything short of an enthusiastic *YES* to the question above is costing you big time

Every day THOUSANDS of your most valuable potential clients log in to their personal email accounts with the hopes of having something to read that empowers and inspires them to say yes and achieve their dreams.  

Because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on in a few weeks from now when your teeming with fresh opt-ins, downloads, sign-ups, replies and buys.  

So, first thing's first... 

Let’s Address The Giant Money-Sucking, Time-Eating Elephant In The Room  

(And Put An End To Email Frustration, Once And For All)  

You’ve probably experience this at least once each week.

Maybe even DOZENS of times a week.  

At home, in your office, on the airplane, in conference hotel rooms, and in masterminds.  

You have the best of intentions.  

But still, it’s the biggest frustration from you-know-where because it’s costing you in a BIG WAY.

Because you know it’s not just costing you profits. It’s costing you clarity, confidence, and weekends (+ week nights). It's costing you meaningful influence and peace of heart… you have something that helps people but you can’t seem to get it out into the world and in the hands of the people who need it most.

So what is this 5-ton elephant-sized frustration?

The Agonizing Amount of Time It Takes You To Write An Email  

Without Actually Knowing If It’s Going To Convert, Fall On Deaf Ears - Or - Straight Up Push Away Clients

Be honest, how long does it currently take you to write a single email?  

What about email sequences?  

What kind of returns are you seeing for your time spent? 

Are you getting sign-ups? Downloads?  


Ok, here's a scenario. Let me know if this sounds familiar: 

You sit down at your desk, turn on your laptop, and open up a Google Doc with full intention and intensity to write a heartfelt, empowering email to your list...  

...only to shipwreck faster than Gilligan's Island's S.S. Minnow as you quickly realize you have no idea how to fill the white empty g-doc void with words and it feels like that skinny little blinking cursor knows it as she mocks you over and over and over and over…

And when you DO finally have something to send out, it mostly flops.

You get a lot of "you're awesome!" and "so proud of you!", but your webinars still don't filll up, your programs still have little to no sign ups, and you feel like you've done everything you can, but it's still not adding up.

It's incredibly frustrating to work like this and it's time someone told you the truth...

Your writing frustration is 100% justified.  

What you're experiencing is a sign of a much, much greater *gift* and it's actually something to be grateful for.

 Here's the light at the end of the tunnel...  

You've spent enough of your precious, valuable time and money in masterminds to discover that  

Emails are the single most profitable skill you can have in your business.

Heck! You probably signed up for those masterminds and programs because of a well crafted email!

So having had first-hand experience of their client-attracting powers, you sit down to write them even if you're still unsure what to put. 


And that commitment is the unshakable force behind your purpose, your mission and your work.

It's why you're willing to put in late night hours (even when you really don't wanna).

Why you juggle so many hats. You're the coach team, sales team, marketing team, and whatever else you need to be that day until you have an actual team that can take it off your plate. 

It's why your heart beats faster when someone expresses interest in your transformational work.

Why you've taken leaps of faith, again and again, to bring about your soul's mission and life's work.

And why I'm so passionate about sharing my knowledge with you and helping you master your words.

Just like the vital blood in your veins, emails are the major transporter of nearly all of your important business communication. 

They not only deliver your message to your most qualified audience, they also create DEEP CONNECTION with each and every one of them.

And that connection creates conversion. 

Conversion meaning hearts touched and clients signed up.

Giving YOU the power to pump sincere profits and empowered people into your programs. For Life.  

And contrary to popular belief…  

You do NOT need a big list to leverage your electronic love letters and inspire people to say yes to your offers. (I'll tell you how I know in just a minute.) 

What you need is this...


(Even If You’re Just Starting Out Or You’ve Been At It For Years)  

STEP 1: Adopt the “Transformative Email Mindset” 

Try this:  

“Email is the most powerful avenue with which to deliver your transformational message to an ever-growing community and invite them to work with you all at once.”  

What do you notice?  

“Email is the most powerful avenue with which to deliver your transformational message to an ever-growing community and invite them to work with you all at once.”  

Can you feel how empowering that is?  

“Email is the most powerful avenue with which to deliver your transformational message to an ever-growing community and invite them to work with you all at once.”  

When you start viewing your email list THIS way vs. the typical email-is-cool-and-all-but-I-have-to-build-up-my-instagram-following-first afterthought, you lock in the FOUNDATIONAL component to a long-standing audience who genuinely wants to hear from you, learn from you and buy from you.

Now here’s how to put it into practice. You ready?

(It’s so easy, it’s funny.)  

Simply view your email list in this way starting right now. Hey! Hey! Victory!  


STEP 2: Start from a proven formula or framework  

AKA: Never, ever start from scratch OR guess your way through your emails.  

Your time is too valuable to be wasting away in front of an empty word or google doc.  

Even the most seasoned and sought after copywriters don’t start with a blank page and neither should you.  

Your divine inspiration, creativity and unique personality (the one that’s covered in Step 3 below) is properly cared for when it’s given a framework to start from.

Think of it this way... 

 Which book could you write faster

1 - A book about anything you want.


2 - A book about how you met your best friend.

Option 2, no questions asked.

Because you have clear direction.

So, when you go to craft an email, you want the same thing:  

Reliable frameworks and formulas that give you clear, step-by-step direction on what to put in your emails so they inspire, compel, convert, and are finished in half the time.  


STEP 3: Infuse your unique personality & view of the world  

To create meaningful, long-lasting, business-sustaining relationships with your readers, they need to know who you are.  

Don’t take my word for it, though... 

Invesp, the leading conversion company who's client list includes BlogTalkRadio, Special Olympics, and Ebay, conducted a study and found that 53% of readers open and read emails, not because of a subject line, but because of WHO they’re getting their email from.  

That’s amazing.

The results go against nearly everything we’re told about email today. 

And it's been in my experience, through the 1,000+ emails I written for my self and my clients, that it's spot on correct.  

Picture a lighthouse…  

Why do ships looking to land safely ashore head its way?  

Because it’s a BEACON of LIGHT. Shows them the way.  

This is precisely how you want you and your message to show up in people’s inboxes.  

When we use “copy & paste” templates that don’t resonate with us, stiffen up our language to sound “professional”, or water down our message so as not to offend anyone we lose our innate abilities to influence and empower others.  

It builds walls between you and your readers causing you to miss out on the real connection and transformational you both are looking for.  

If readers even just *feel* like they’re reading a cut-paste template from a robot and it sounds like the same thing 10 other coaches just said, they head straight for the unsubscribe.  

Bottom line: To generate sales and attract true fans, email formulas and frameworks must be used in such a way that your unique personality, message and light shine through -- not get washed out.  


STEP 4: Prioritize your community  

The obvious truth...  

You’re list is made up of people NOT numbers or dollar signs.  

So showing up consistently for them is transformative, in and of itself.  

AND your impact is 10xed when you put their hearts ahead of sales.  

For some people reading this'll seem counter-intuitive, but to others it'll make complete and total sense.

Here's how you can tell:  

Have you ever been on an email list that bombarded you with JV promotions... 

...where every other week you're seeing “LAST CHANCE” and “FINAL MINUTES NOW”?  

How did it make you feel?  

That’s because those kinds of lists are operating from an outdated business model. Which, luckily, is tiring out fast.  

Putting sales and JV partners needs before their community feels forced and one-sided. 

Which is why so many of us are unsubscribing everyday from those lists and joining ones that uphold greater discernment and care when it comes to the offers that show up in our inbox.  

*Hey, I’m not saying JV partnerships are bad! What I’m saying is, lists that are overly saturated with JV promos are burning out big right now. 

People want more from their leaders. 

They want a few hand-picked promos thoughtfully placed throughout the year in a way that makes sense to them and personally, I believe that's how to we should be of service...

So...People first.  


STEP 5: Stay committed to learning how to write emails that inspire, engage and sell  

>>>Input your text in this area<<<

Now you may be wondering…  

How does this (amazing) web page know so much about emails?  

Who’s the (wise, wonderful, highly qualified) person behind all these words who can teach you these sage-level email skills?

Input your headline in this area

Hi! Name’s Jenn. Jenn Mayers. 

I’m a conversion copywriter and I’ve been the secret word-woman behind $14.1million in sales for my coaching and personal development clients.

I've taught thousands of coaches how to write highly enticing marketing materials through online courses, masterminds, 1-1 mentoring and speaking engagements and...

Here’s what makes me MOST qualified to help you right now with your emails 

Personally speaking, I’ve used emails to generate $10,000 in 6 days for my business.

I've brought in $25,000 in program sign ups from 4 emails in just 4 days.

One of my more notorious stories is that I collected $5,000 after sending an email sequence right before heading to vacation in Switzerland — from a vacation in Spain. 

And I regularly make a couple grand whenever I feel like it from one-off emails and flash sales.  

So if you’d like some of that, and you want to make "this whole email thing" a powerful force for good and the opportunity to share more of your gifts with the world, I’m the chica to learn from.  

Because the MOST surprising part is…  

I do NOT have 10K people on my list.  

Not even 5K.  

When I made the $10,000 in 6 days… I had just 98 people on my email list! 

The $25K…? 198 subscribers. 

So as much as yes, you need to grow your email list...  

I’m living proof that you don’t need a mammoth-sized audience in order to surround yourself with an amazing community of people who love your work and love to invest in you. 

Now, as you can probably already tell, I've been lucky enough to do all of this from something far more dependable than actual luck.

Something that’s learned (NOT random).

And generates surprising results even if you’ve got a “small” list like me.

What's that skill, you ask?

It's email skillz, bay-bee!  

Email skills that make me great money and impact in my business and make my clients great money and impact in theirs.  

...And I’d love the chance to pass on my knowledge and skills to YOU so that you can experience fulfilling paydays and easy email writing too...  

My *I'm so thrilled you're here* face. 

(Legit, this is my face when something exciting happens like, seeing a client in person; watching the new episode of This Is Us; seeing flowers, like, anywhere; or eating delicious gluten-free pizza.)


"Jenn's advice around "who to be when you're writing an email" is some kind of magic potion. I wrote my email so quickly and easily I can hardly believe it! Thanks Jenn!"  

— Pamela Gort, Lesbian Love Coach


"Thank you Jenn for the awesome workshop on writing emails that sell. You got us on the right spot in minutes. My email already made me $30,000. I’m so excited. "

—Jurgen Gerzabek, Survivalist Coach

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my brand new, oh-so-simple-to-follow email writing program...  


The most ridiculously easy, step-by-step course on how to write compelling, empowering emails that engage, entertain, and sell

Real Good Emails is the first copywriting program designed to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to write emails that inspire people to click, sign-up and buy…  

… all in less time than it takes you to drink your morning tea!

However big (or small) your email list, by the end of the program, you'll be typing out heart-tugging emails in your OWN voice that get your community to take the action you want them to take with a smile on their face and gratitude in their heart.

Think more opt-ins, more webinar registrations, more program sign-ups, more replies, more intro-sessions, and a community of faithful fans, readers & clients... starting right now.

Here's how it works:  

I've dedicated the last 5 years to educating your fellow coaches, healers and business owners about copywriting & email marketing.

What I've realized is this:

In order to FULLY assimilate and integrate this whole "email writing" thing, you need to have:

1) Proven copywriting formulas & reliable email frameworks, in hand, alongside a foundational understanding of email marketing.


2) Personal time with a conversion copywriter as she writes/edits emails LIVE in real time right in front of you.

That way, you get the required basics under your belt AND are walked line-by-line through the email writing thought-process.

You can ask questions to get clairty on anything you don't 100% 'get' yet and uncover word subtlies that you simply won't learn in any other way.

Now, this is nearly impossible to do in your typical online course and usually very expensive (I'm currently leading live writing calls for a mastermind that costs $85,000 to join). 


Real Good Emails is not a typicl online course.

To give you both the foundational training you need AND the real-life execution time with an expert...  

Real Good Emails actually contains TWO trainings: 

1) The 5-module step-by-step email course (Hello, frameworks and formulas!)


2) 5 LIVE over-the-shoulder email writing workshops with moi

It's the perfect marriage of lifetime access and live support, easy step-by-step instruction and subtle nauance finessing. 

It's the full science and art of email copywriting for transformational workers and with this kind of "all-embracing" education you're gauranteed to NEVER get stuck not knowing what to put in your emails again.  

The step-by-step course looks like this:  


If you've questioned whether you should use email to grow your business, the first module of Real Good Emails will tell you exactly why you should — but, more importantly, how to do it in a way that's aligned with your values, vision and personality. 

In module 1, you'll create a new, *heart-driven* email marketing foundation with:

→ Why email is the backbone of modern marketing — and must be built on empathy, kindness, compassion, honesty and love

→ The #1 reason coaches make great copywriters and email marketers

→ How to prevent sleazy "used car salesman" energy

→ What you're actually selling when it comes time to make an offer to your list


The 3 "Email Empowerment" Mindsets: As a transformational worker, you need these 3 mindsets in place before you write a single email... otherise you'll end up jeapordizing your unique voice for the sake of sales

Email Anatomy 101: The 8 distinct "body parts" to each email, the important roles they play, and what you'll be learnin over the next 4 modules to optimze them for deeper connection and engagement

Safety, privacy & other semi-boring (but super important) things like how to stay out of the spam folder, what to do about the GDPR laws, protecting your email accounts and assets, and more


There are 3 "champions" you need to BE for your email readers: 

 1) A trusted mentor, 2) their ally/friend and 3) an irresistable inspiration

Module 2 walks you step-by-step through each champion and gives you the tools you need to attract highly-engaged, whole-hearted followers who love your mission, message and offers.  

Which means you'll come out of Module 2 with:

→ The secret to higher engagement, conversions & sign ups 

→ How to find your unique "email" voice  

→ When and how to highlight your personality 

→ Unexpected ways to position your authority and expertise


My little black book of connection: You'll discover my process for tuning into the heart, mind and soul of your readers so your copy instantly creates deep connection and rapport

The “4-Part Empathy Map” that builds trust and intimacy between you and your readers so that you can successfully facilitate more empowered choices from them and ultimately sign up more clients 

50+ subject line templates: Use these right away to get more email opens


Have you ever heard the saying "you catch more flies with honey"? Well, when it comes to your email list, you attract more clients with a sweet, refreshing welcome series..

Instead of one that moves too quickly into an offer. Or fails to position your expertise. Or doesn't build confidence in your reader. Or straight up is non-existant.

Your welcome series is the first touch point you get with new subs/future clients, so let's create a positive experience that turns them into active, engaged, lasting members of your community.

That's why in module 3, we're going to roll up our sleeves & actually map out your *fan for life* welcome series with:

→ Why it's important to set up expectations with subscribers 

→ How to do it so they see you as the go-to expert in your field

→ Should you sell something in your welcome series? The answer may surprise you

→ 2 Q's to answer before creating a first offer


The "Southern Belle" Approach to welcoming new subscribers that creates instant *likeability* right out the gate

The "10 Minute" Method for choosing the right freebie (Nail this and you'll have a 75% or higher opt-in rate)  

What to do about email design: when to include your logo, a header image, or go plain text only 


Welcome to your email copywriting intensive. 

You’re getting FULL access to the go-to formulas and frameworks that I turn to over-and-over again to consistently craft engaging, entertaining, and high-converting emails.

Meaning, you get to whip up your OWN highly-inspiring emails in about 25 minutes flat. You're morning tea won't even have time to cool off before you're ready to "hit send". 

In module 4, you'll get the tool, techniques & strategies to write up and fire out your highly compelling, straight-from-the-heart, "get-them-to-click" emails with:

→ The 3 C's of email writing 

→ The 1 questions your email has to answer every.single.time. 

→ The FIRST thing you need to type on your word doc when writing an email (and nope! It’s NOT your subject line)  

→ How to confidently segue into your call to action/ offer

→ A list of words NOT to use in your emails

→ What "hooks" are — and where to place them so reader's eyes (and hearts) are ALERT and hanging on every word of your electronic love letters  

→ How to use PS's effectively 

→ When to bold, underline and italicize 

→ When to use urgency  

→ When to use scarcity  

→ A checklist you can use to evaluate whether your email is likely to captivate or not

→ 5 edit-filters to run you emails through before hitting send

20+ mix-and-match formulas, frameworks and templates that you can download and deploy for all types of emails (This alone is worth AT LEAST $1,000... if not more)

The "Michael Jackson Stoytelling Rolodex" that'll have you knocking out email #1 hit emails than you can say "Billie Jean is not my lover..."  

The “Cafe Test” for knowing exactly how to phrase your content so it's fully aligned and authentic  

The “Word Mining” Method that shows you how to make your readers click reply and sy “How do you do that? It’s like you’re in my head!”  

And more!


(A.K.A. How To Care For Your Email List So Your Email List Takes Care of You)

In module 5, you'll rise to the ranks of "confident email list owner" and "savvy business mind" as you learn how to leverage your list for more growth and outreach, understand your email stats, discover how to map out a month's worth of content, use polls to create a list of buyers and more...

In module 5, your email list will become your devoted business partner and loyal client-provider, now and forever, because you've got:

→ The most important stats to track ( + which ones to ignore) and what to do with them so you increase engagement and loyalty

→ Simple ways to stay top-of-mind and relevant to your readers

→ How to use email to expand and increase exposure on your social platforms


How to Create & Use Polls to 1) gain valuable insight into your most qualified potential clients and 2) create anticipation for any upcoming offers

The "Movie Theatre" Method that builds enthusiasm and excitement for yor products, programs and services

My "Goodwill Gold" System for quickly mapping out a month’s worth of email content so you’re NEVER running around, last minute, trying to figure out what to say or send again (great for blog posts and social posts too!)

Your LIVE over-the-shoulder expert sessions looks like this:  

I'm Gonna Fill Your Emails With My Secret *Conversion* Magic When You Join Me For The...


Every other week, you, me and the rest of the Real Good Emails crew are going to meet up (online) for 5 RGE exclusive "Email Pro" Workshops. 

Together we'll soothe your biggest writing woes, escape the clutches of writer's block, and fine tune your newly aquired email-writing super powers.

By the end of our 5 email-writing workshops, you'll be proficent in the: 

  • Fast-edit word fixes that immediatly elevate the energy and clickability of your email copy
  • Advanced "word-finding" questions that quite literally compose your emails for you
  • Secret shortcuts experts employ to extract clear, confident, attention-grabbing sound bites out of vague, boring or bland first drafts (even seasoned vets write iffy first attempts. Only difference is, we know what to do with it and now you will too...)
  • Storytelling "Master Hacks" I commonly use to create unique, one-of-a-kind emails that no one can mimic and everyone wishes they could

Of course, due to the nature of these workshops, there are other secrets and shortcuts I'll be sharing with you that I simply can't predict right now until I'm actually LIVE working on the emails SO... you can expect a whole lot more than what you see here.

How it works:

Inside the Real Good Emails course platform, you'll submit your emails for a chance to have them reviewed and edited by me. (Hey Heeeyyy!)

We'll have time to cover 1-2 emails per session.

If one of your emails is chosen...

Here's what Imma do for you:

  • Review your email line-by-line, outloud
  • Suggest stronger subject lines for you to use
  • Tighten up your storyline
  • Fine tune your call to action
  • Rework any "clunky" sections so it's smooth like butta
  • Explain exactly what's going through my mind as I edit 


Which means...

Not only do you get my eyes on your email, you also get inside my conversion copywriter brain (Woah, freaky!) So, you'll know how to finesse + execute like your favorite email pro by the time we're through. 😉

It's important to know the immense value of these 5 Email Pro Writing Workshops. Since you cannot actually purchse them as stand alone LIVE trainings, this is an honest, good faith estimate.

And, remember that $85,000 mastermind I was telling you about? There's over 60+ people joined. Meaning, their chances of getting my eyes and brain on their copy during our monthly training session is s-l-i-m.

Meanwhile... You won't pay anywhere near $85,000 to get my support and your chance of having MULTIPLE emails worked on by yours truly is 100% REAL.

As if that weren't enough to make your mouth water, your heart beat faster, and... 

The vivid image of always-welcome *you-just-got-paid* notifications flash across your mind...  

Enroll Now And You Also Get These Advanced Bonus Trainings, FREE!  

Advanced Bonus Training #1: FAST FREEBIE FORMULA

In this step-by-step rapid-fire tutorial, discover how to whip up list-growing, client-attracting opt-in offers in 60 minutes or less.

Map out, write & publish your freebie in under an hour with: 

  • The secret to ultra compelling titles (Do this and everyone will want your freebie)
  • The 3-Point Power Intro
  • How to quickly build trust and rapport with your new subscriber 
  • What to say in the teaching section of your freebie to make people want more from you
  • The Fast Freebie Template to write a freebie in 60 minutes or less
  • 20+ hot spots to promote your freebie

($500) Included with your Real Good Emails tuition

Advanced Bonus Training #2: 3 WAYS TO WRITE EMAILS FAST

Don’t confuse “time” with “impact” — you can write emails quickly and generate incredible engagement (clicks, replies, sign ups)

Jam out wow-worthy emails in less time than it takes to fold a load of laundry using:

  • The "Whole Foods" Technique
  • The "Personal Trainer" Technique
  • The "MCPYK" Technique  

($500) Included with your Real Good Emails tuition

Advanced Bonus Training #3: SIMPLE LIST GROWTH SECRETS

Don't want to spend extra money on FB ads to try and grow your email list?

Grow your email list without spending a penny on paid advertisement with:

  • The List Building Checklist which includes 25+ ways to invite people to join your email list
  • My personal favorite way I've grown my email list (and wll continue to for as long as I'm in business)
  • The #1 way EVERY single successful list owner gets new subscribers each week for free

($500) Included with your Real Good Emails tuition


She doesn't just write HOT copy - she has a unique way of teaching copywriting that makes itsuper easy to follow and even easier to implement. She's my #1 go-to copy expert."

— Alina Vincent, Business Success Edge  


"Before meeting Jenn, I would go into a panic attack just saying the word 'email'. But Jenn makes it so fun and easy! NOW I have peace of mind. I can speak to my audience and help them solve problems and transform their life. Thank you again Jenn!"  

— Renee Sunday, Been Seen, Be Heard, Get Paid Expert

The best thing about Real Good Emails is you don't have to waste hours time-suckin' away on your computer trying to figure out what to say. Ever Again.

I'm so confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value and treasured time back in your calendar. And I'm backing it up with my risk-free guarantee. Here's how it works:

Test drive Real Good Emails. If you don't feel I delivered the value or am giving you time-, headache-, and frustration-saving systems and guidance — just send me an email to within 30 days, show me your work and I'll send you back every dollar.

When you enroll today, here's what you'll be getting:  

  • The Full 5-Module Real Good Emails Training Program ($1,200)
  • Bonus Email Swipe Files, Templates & Frameworks ($1,000)
  • 5 LIVE Over-The-Shoulder Email Pro Workshops ($5,000)
  • Fast Freebie Formula ($500)
  • 3 Ways To Write Emails Fast ($500)
  • Simple List Growth Secrets ($500)  

Add it all up, that's a total value of $8,700

But because I'm SO excited to help you confidently write & send empowering, client-generating emails with this brand new training experience, you can enroll in Real Good Emails for just...  

BEST VALUE One Payment of 


(save $185)


CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Six Monthly Payments of 


 (low monthly)

8 questions to ask yourself before grabbing your email skillz on the next page:  

I’m currently in another program. What is the benefit of taking both programs at the same time?  


Real Good Emails is the “master complimenter” to all other business trainings.  

If you remember, all roads lead to emails. So no matter how you’re growing your business they all start with, expand into, and/or close out with emails.  

In other words…  

No matter how you plan on growing your business, you need emails. Period.  

So, it’s best to get this squared away now so you don’t quickly find yourself haphazardly trying to piecemeal an email together from tips you found from a random blog post with no way of knowing how it’s going to convert, if it's going to convert orwhat you'd need to change in order to make it convert.

Real Good Emails helps you 10x your results from your other business training program.


I’m new to this email thing. Is Real Good Emails going to be easy for someone like me to follow?  

A big resounding YES.  

You are lookin’ at the first and only email copywriting program created specifically for coaches, healers, light-workers that gives them the immediate tools, knowledge, skills and confidence to send out stellar emails that people go ga-ga over and buy from — even if you’ve never sent a single “business” email in your life.  

In fact, if you ARE new, all the more reason to join.  

You could whiz past people who’ve been at it for years.  

Here’s why:  

Module 1: Your New Empowering Email Marketing Foundation, is going to 1) get you started on the correct foot with the 3 critical email marketing mindsets (the exact mindsets most people don’t have which causes them to struggle for years on this stuff), 2) explain what email marketing is and why it’s the linchpin to your modern day business and 3) walk you step by step through the anatomy of an email including important terms and terminology so you’re 100% crystal clear moving forward with writing awesome emails.

Whether you're brand new or have been at this "email writing thing" for years, Real Good Emails comes packed with simple, easy-to-follow strategies for crafting expert-level emails. You'll get the latest, up-to-date triaining and insights into what's working with email right now and what will continue to work in the future.

Real Good Emails sounds amazing, but I’m looking at my cashflow and want to make sure it’s the right investment. Your response?  


I'm not going to ram you with “you have to invest in yourself if you want people to invest in you" schpeel.  

I think it's overused and frankly it's a little pushy for my taste. It's like, but what if you genuinely DON'T have the funds. I've been in that place, it's real. So, to that I say, don't put yourself in a bad situation for this program. If you're choosing between buying groceries for you and your family and this program, buy the groceries.  

That said, you CAN and I encourage you to put yourself in a “SCARY” situation…  

Scary meaning one that is unknown.  

If “I’m worried about the funds“ is coming from a place of the PAST (meaning you're expecting the same results you've had the past few weeks, months, years), then there might be something to look at there.  

Because what you're investing in when you join Real Good Emails is the ability to pay yourself for life. And the confidence to actually follow through with it.  

Emails are the most profitable skill there is in modern business.  

You have the freedom to reach out to your most aligned, qualified buyers at ANYTIME you want to surprise and delight them, share valuable content with them, and invite them to buy your products, programs and services.  

So in that way, how could you NOT invest in Real Good Emails?  

And if you’re worried that you won’t be able to come up with enough content to share with your list, clear that worry away right now. Module 4: Writing Like An Pro gives you my tried and true go-to email frameworks and formulas PLUS a giant list of compelling storylines you can use. That way, you’re never, ever wondering what to write. Like, ever. 

I need to get other things going first, then I can do email…  

I hear you, and it’s my responsibility to lovingly tell you that you're fooling yourself.  

Here’s a lesser known truth:  

If you're trying to grow your business online, what you're actually doing is growing an email business. Why?  

Cuz all roads lead to email…  

Blog post leads to opt-in page leads to email.  

Facebook ad leads to opt-in page leads to email.  

Instagram caption leads to link in bio leads to opt-in lpage eads to email.  

Website leads to email… LinkedIn leads to email… Google Adwords lead to email… Messenger bots lead to email… Youtube leads to email…  

So, in a round about way…  

You're right in that, yes, there are other things to do to grow your business, and the FIRST thing to do is know how to care for and nurture your email list.

My plate is full… I’m concerned I won’t have enough time to dedicate to the program. Can this really shave hours off of my work week?  

First, my heart goes out to you.  

Feeling overwhelmed with everything on your plate is not fun and something I used to struggle with big time. It turned me into a “lone wolf” where I was doing it all on my own and I finally realized it was a huge opportunity for growth.  

What you’re experiencing is so normal and so common.  

And my response to the “time factor” is this:  

If you don’t think you have the time, than that’s exactly why you need Real Good Emails the most.  

Because… you’re right.  

You don’t have time…  

…to sit stuck in front of a computer all day trying to figure out what to say, questioning if it’s going to work, crossing your fingers before sending (or worse: clamming up and not sending it all).  

…to scatter-shot your energy and efforts trying to juggle social media, website, workshops, webinars, live events, and programs without the common vein that feeds them all.  

…to question your gifts or purpose because your business isn’t bringing you all the profits your mastermind promised it would help you get. Why didn’t they tell you and teach you email copywriting??  

…to try and figure this out all on your own. I’ve done the hard labor for you. I’ve not only been in the trenches, I dug those bad-boys myself. It’s not your responsibility to figure it out.  

But it is your responsibility to turn your relationship with time around.  

It’s Time You Reclaim Your Time Back  

It’s time you got fast, PROVEN ways to write emails, promote your programs, fill your webinars, fill up your calendar with intro sessions, and build a powerful community of devoted followers.  

It’s time you got to relax.  

Like, deep, soul relaxation.  

And sip morning chai tea as slowly and intentionally as you want as you envision enriching vacations, business expansion, time freedom and flow and KNOW that it’s FINALLY possible, especially now that you won’t get roadblocked by the emails on your to-do list.  

Having worked with hundreds of coaches and healers over the last 5 years I can confidently tell you, writing fast IS the missing *time-peace* in your tool belt.  

But not anymore, okay?  

In Module 4 of Real Good Emails, you’re getting time-tested methods for writing pro-level emails. The frameworks and formulas have shaved hours off of my work and my clients.  

Additionally, you’re also getting access to the Advances Bonus Training: 3 Ways To Write Emails Fast. Which includes the same method I used to write an email in the airport right before boarding my plane to Switzerland and made $5,000. 

Can’t I just learn this stuff for free from blogs and free courses?  

Some of it, yes. Sure can. And what I ask you to consider is this now that we just talked about your relationship with time right above this:  

Is it really the best use of your time and energy to sift through the thousands, no MILLIONS, of blog posts and youtube videos on copywriting…  

…pair it down to the few hundred worth listening to and learning from…  

…and then fine tooth combing each to dig out the gold nuggets (finger crossed you know which nuggets are the gold ones and which ones are coal)…  

When, instead of wasting all that time, you could just join Real Good Emails and get what you need right now?

Can’t I just learn this stuff for free from blogs and free courses?  

Some of it, yes. Sure can. And what I ask you to consider is this now that we just talked about your relationship with time right above this:  

Is it really the best use of your time and energy to sift through the thousands, no MILLIONS, of blog posts and youtube videos on copywriting…  

…pair it down to the few hundred worth listening to and learning from…  

…and then fine tooth combing each to dig out the gold nuggets (finger crossed you know which nuggets are the gold ones and which ones are coal)…  

When, instead of wasting all that time, you could just join Real Good Emails and get what you need right now?

Sounds like a TON of stuff… Can you quickly remind me of EVERYTHING I’m getting inside Real Good Emails?

When you enroll today, here's what you'll be getting:  

  • The Full 5-Module Real Good Emails Training Program ($1,200)
  • Bonus Email Swipe Files, Templates & Frameworks ($1,000)
  • 5 LIVE Over-The-Shoulder Email Pro Workshops ($5,000)
  • Fast Freebie Formula ($500)
  • 3 Ways To Write Emails Fast ($500)
  • Simple List Growth Secrets ($500)  

Add it all up, that's a total value of $8,700

But because I'm SO excited to help you confidently write & send empowering, client-generating emails, you can enroll in Real Good Emails for just...  

BEST VALUE One Payment of 


(save $185)

CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Six Monthly Payments of 


 (low monthly)

As with all of my copywriting workshops, trainings and programs, Real Good Emails comes with a STRICT NOT for everyone policy:

Real Good Emails is NOT for used car salesmen… This training is not for the mean-hearted, scuzzy-minded, get-rich-quick people waiting for the next over-promised, over priced program to come out. If that's you, kindly move along.

Real Good Emails is definitely NOT for know-it-alls… If you think you know everything there is to know already about writing email copy, you’re not going to do well with this training. Self-righteousness will not be tolerated. (And I'm certain your empty bank account agrees.)

Nope, Real Good Emails is NOT for grammar nazi’s… How many grammar teachers make the kind of money you want to make? Exactly. None. That's no co-winki-dink, darlin'. People yearn to feel connected to each other and using proper, from the book English is THE fastest way to sever that musch needed, much wanted connection and fester DISTRUST in your prospects. Lemme show you my across-the-table talkin' ways and we'll see how you feel once your client roster's full.

Real Good Emails is NOT for “told ya’ so-ers” either… You know who I’m talkin’ about- the business owners who are dead set on making the worst out of every program, spending more time complaining about the program than taking money-generating action... No hard feelings. It's just, I like to hang out with positive, resourceful, and action-oriented people.  

Real Good Emails is NOT for Run-of-the-Mill Coaches, Consultants, Healers or Business Owners… Part of being a good entrepreneur and money generator is knowing that not everyone is going to be a good fit for what you have to offer. It's about reaching YOUR people, not some people. Same rings true for this in-depth email copywriting & marketing training.

Remember, whether you've got 10 or 10,000 people on your email list, the most profitable skill you'll ever learn as a business owner is writing emails, which means the only questions left to ask are:  

Do you want to write emails people love?

Do you want your emails to inspire people to buy your transformational work...

...without sounding like a sleazy, used car salesman?

And would you like my expert support to walk you through the process, step-by-step?  

If you answered *YES* to all 3 questions, join me inside Real Good Emails. 

With Real Good Emails, your electronic love letters will turn people into bold action takers. You'll have people eager to invest in you and your programs. Wanting to tell friends about you. Sending gushy emails thanking you for being you. And best of all, your dream clients will *buy now* with smiles on their faces and gratitude in their hearts knowing they've just made a wise choice to get your help to transform their lives.

It'll be my pleasure to show you how.

With incredible appreciation and love,

When you enroll today, here's what you'll be getting:  

  • The Full 5-Module Real Good Emails Training Program ($1,200)
  • Bonus Email Swipe Files, Templates & Frameworks ($1,000)
  • 5 LIVE Over-The-Shoulder Email Pro Workshops ($5,000)
  • Fast Freebie Formula ($500)
  • 3 Ways To Write Emails Fast ($500)
  • Simple List Growth Secrets ($500)  

Add it all up, that's a total value of $8,700

But because I'm SO excited to help you confidently write & send empowering, client-generating emails, you can enroll in Real Good Emails for just...  

BEST VALUE One Payment of 


(save $185)

CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Six Monthly Payments of 


 (low monthly)